Unfinished is the art and idea studio of KURT, a NY and LA based conceptual artist whose ideas have inspired audiences around the world.

He has created a body of social and participatory projects, informed by larger cultural trends.  From inflatable devices that literally connect people (Clusterings), to the world’s first mobile phone photography show (MPPS), to fake social networks (NOSO), to mobs of cloned art-world personalities (The Sams), Kurt engages a wide range of media to create meaningful, memorable and provocative experiences. In each project he develops a system and schema for interacting with the public, through various guises and proxies, typically employing commercial strategies, metaphors, and always, a splash of humor.

His art and design projects have received coverage in many national and international publications, including ABC News, NPR, CBC Radio, El Universal, Tech Crunch, Communication Arts, Wired News, New York Times Syndicate, Slashdot, PC Magazine, Flavorpill, Mother Jones, Miami Herald, Metroactive, Artweek, Artnet, NME, Iconoculture, SF Chronicle, SF Examiner, among others.

He has a degree in architecture from UC Berkeley, and has exhibited his personal artwork across the world in Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Toronto, San Franscisco, Brooklyn and elsewhere.