Everyone Thinks the Same Thought

A commissioned premiere for Nuit Blanche Toronto 2016

How susceptible are we to the lure of collective thinking? Everyone Thinks the Same Thought is a speculative shared experience—a journey into a possible future that audiences can take together.

As visitors arrive at the glowing, colorful, architectural installation, a friendly crew of Thought Attendants will invite them to step into a collective mindspace, in which a single thought is distributed using sound, video, text and performance. Inside the freestanding walls, surrounded by projection surfaces, screens and speakers, audiences will be enticed to abandon themselves to the moment and experience one thought together. Every few minutes the installation will reset and a new thought will pulse through the structure.

Surreal and darkly comic, the installation references retro-futuristic films of the 60s and 70s such as Woody Allen’s Sleeper and Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. And yet it is hauntingly of the moment.

We have arrived at a future, after all, in which individual thought is unnervingly malleable. We live in an interconnected age, lulled by media and mesmerized by social technologies that shape our collective behavior. Do these technologies limit the more expansive, wilder, individualistic, potential range of human thought? Are we becoming more ‘me’, or more ‘we’?


Written & Directedby:

Camille Hong Xin

Artistic Producer:
Umbereen Inayet

Installation Lead:
Nathaniel Kennedy

Sergei Krasikov

Nuit Blanche Toronto
Mike Hanson

Sound Design:
Victoria Keddie

Danielle Katvan
Camille Hong Xin

Post Production:
Shaun Cvar


Performance Direction:

Production Assistant:
Jo Schottleutner

Austin Wade Addison
Tarion Taylor Anderson
Darlene Charles
Karen Chen
Brandi Covington
Giselle Batista Da Silva
Yvonne Gibbes
Vanessa M de Godoy
Christopher de Godoy Bitar
Leah Elm
Candice Feio
Frida Foberg
Alice Simone Gaskin
Brian Gibson
Shymel Hardy
Emily Ester Hart
Lloyd Jr
Natasha Khouri
Andrew Littlefield
Sherri Littlefield
Harrison Lockhart
Geoffrey Macdougall
Karen Marx
Jillian Maslow
Olivia Merchant
Rodrigo Nogueira
Lindsay Poulis
Dorothy Schmidt
Joanna Schottleutner
Bryan Sears
Megha Sharma
Burhann Short Jr.
Calli Thomas Siegel
Racquel Simone
Gabrielle Spotz
Sharri Sutton
Rita Tavares
Yaneth Valdez
Asali Valentine

Exhibition History
Soho House Toronto, Dec 1-11, 2016, Curated by Umbereen Inayet
Nuit Blanche Toronto, Oct 1 2016, Toronto, Canada, Curated by Camille Hong Xin, Artistic Producer: Umbereen Inayet