The Disorganizers

Referencing equal parts Monty Python skit (The Ministry of Silly Walks), Apple and American Apparel era marketing savvy, Surrealist parlor games, the Cutup Method of Burroughs and Gysin, as well as Trickster mythologies (Loki, Seth, Coyote), The Disorganizers is the latest in a series of fictive companies and organizations that KURT has invented.

In its role as a service organization, The Disorganizers offer a variety of products which the consumer can purchase (i.e. commission) after a short consultation. Sample products include: “#24 – During a dinner party instruct all guests to speak at the same time and slightly faster & louder than they normally would,” and “#33 – Take a long sleeve shirt and a pair of pants. Remove the arms and legs – sew back on opposite garment. Proceed to wear.”

With The Disorganizers, KURT is experimenting with the breakdown of structure – social conventions, the ego, powerful, calcified frameworks – in order to make conditions ripe for mysterious, unexpected, magical, creative results. New experiences, new insights, new epiphanies – bloom in the chaos and rubble of The Disorganizers wake.

Exhibition History:

The Disorganizers, Art Basel Miami Beach, various locations, Curated by Powell Macdougall, Presented by PM Gallery, Dec 2013

The Disorganizers, Art Toronto, Featured Artist for Art Toronto Opening Night Preview, a Benefit for the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Courtesy of PM Gallery, Curated by Powell Macdougall and Vandana Taxali, October 25, 2013

The Disorganizers, Art Toronto, PM Gallery, Curated by Powell Macdougall, October 25-28, 2013

(Introducing) The Disorganizers, p|m gallery, Toronto, Canada, Curated by Powell Macdougall, June 7-July 13, 2013