October 27th // November 10th // November 24th // December 8th

Join us starting this October for Unfinished Live, a digital event series produced in partnership with the Unfinished Network, featuring the questions and perspectives of artists, innovators, culture-shapers and unexpected voices. You’ll experience community and get access to ideas and solutions that will allow us to imagine together what’s possible now.

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Unfinished exists to open minds, create the space for possibilities and advance new solutions to the most critical challenges of our time.


By tapping into the power of networks, creative media and new technology, we connect thought-leaders, culture-shapers, policy-makers and innovators to provoke ideas, elevate unheard voices and pursue collaborations for greater impact.



To turn collective ideas for a new future into reality through innovation, policy, media and movements.


To engage in questions, listen deeply and explore broadly the issues and solutions that shape our society today across three interdependent tracks:

How do we reshape the economy—its risks and rewards, institutions, protections and regulations—to offer shared prosperity, sustainability, and value for all citizens?

How do we channel the power of technology to unleash progress while protecting the privacy and personal data of citizens, promoting trust and building networks to create a more just, inclusive and healthy society?

How can our democratic systems offer new and broader avenues for civic imagination, diverse representation and constructive engagement so that participation in our government is strengthened, trust in our institutions is restored and innovative social ideas can become reality?


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McCourt is redefining value through a purpose-driven strategy. Founded in 1893 as a Boston road-building company, today McCourt pursues a wide array of interests ranging from real estate and finance, to sports, technology and media, all with a critical focus on social impact. By breaking through the traditional silos that separate business and society, McCourt creates dynamic, value-building networks that benefit all stakeholders.


Unfinished Questions

This project wants you to ask about the state of the world and envision the future in which you want to live. We want you to explore the doubt, the uncertainties and imagine with curiosity. You don’t have to have the answers, but the questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask. What question do you believe is urgent to ask now? Share your question below.

We respect your privacy and will never sell your information or email address to third parties.

Join us! This is just the beginning of the work we’ll do together.

The entire Unfinished Network is listening and mobilizing around questions:

// With For Freedoms we are commissioning artists such as Alfredo Jaar, Ai Wei Wei and Guerilla Girls to share their selected urgent question and display them on billboards throughout all 50 states.

// With Mil M2 we are engaging communities worldwide to submit questions that will be visually displayed and transformed into a toolkit for civic participation.

// With The Shed we are commissioning original works of performance art inspired by questions that will be presented for the first time during Unfinished Live.

// With Aspen Institute we are collecting the questions we are sourcing from the public to promote debate, conversation and ideas exchange through different formats.

And there is more coming. This is unfinished.

Get Unfinished

We respect your privacy and will never sell your information or email address to third parties.