What is Unfinished

Unfinished works to strengthen our civic life in the digital age. 

With a network of partners in technology, academia, social impact and the arts, Unfinished is imagining the future of technology, culture, and governance to create a thriving multiracial democracy and just economy.

To achieve this, Unfinished is advancing a very concrete solution through Project Liberty, an initiative with the potential to transform how the internet works and who benefits from the digital economy. Project Liberty aims to create a new civic architecture for the next generation of the internet that prioritizes people over platforms, returns the ownership and control of personal data to individuals, reflects a commitment to ethics and shared values, and expands economic opportunities for both users and developers.

Unfinished Network

We’re not alone We are an unparalleled, impact-driven partner network, ready to lift the voices that will inform how we channel technology for good, foster civic imagination and reshape the economy. Interested in joining the network? Learn more.

Unfinished Labs

We are building a new shared, public infrastructure for the web that generates much greater value for the people who use it. The web we envision incorporates data rights as a default, gives people the full power of their networks and the value they generate, promotes transparency and trust, and opens opportunity to effect positive social change at scale. The time has come to build a better web, one that works for people first. Visit projectliberty.io to learn more, go to unfinishedlabs.io to understand our story, or download our dsnp_whitepaper to explore the details.

Unfinished Live

Unfinished Live is the preeminent convener of engaged citizens invested in our digital future. On September 21 – 24, 2022, over 5,000 leading technologists, digitally focused / concerned policy-makers, impact and business leaders focused on web3, as well as artists and youth actively involved in digital movements join together in-person in NYC and online as an unparalleled community of disruptive thinkers committed to shaping what’s next for the web. These four days of curated content will focus on our digital future and the new movements, governance, and technologies that will shape it. From mainstage talks, to workshops and masterclasses with leading experts, to live podcasts recorded on-site, Unfinished Live’s program will expand to feature over 150 speakers across 75 sessions.

In 2021, Unfinished Live convened online and in-person at The Shed in New York City. During this two-day event, we recognized the launch of Project Liberty by exploring what it means for a society that shares power among its people to have a decentralized web and a decentralized operating system. We imagined what we can achieve when our digital life opens doors to new fields and new actors and gives a voice to diverse communities. We sparked conversations that we hope will lead to a more inclusive, fairer and better world. You can view these mainstage talks and podcast conversations here.

Unfinished Questions

Unfinished Questions asks you to reflect on the state of the world and to envision the future in which you want to live. You will explore the doubt and uncertainties, and imagine with the full force of your curiosity. It’s not the answers that will enable this exploration, but the questions themselves.

Your questions inspired our Unfinished Live episodes and will inform future projects and content. Share your urgent questions with us today. We care about your privacy and will never sell your information to others (Privacy Policy).