In October 2020, Unfinished started the collective journey to develop a statement of principles for Project Liberty. In 2021, we formed a working group to refine the language and collect input from the team. By that summer, we had developed six Bedrock principles.

The Bedrocks are the principles that link Unfinished, Labs,, and McCourt Institute, all comprising the foundation of Project Liberty.

They describe the environment we want to foster and how we want to work together. They are the standards to which we will hold each other.

Atop the bedrocks sits the Throughline, a statement of our vision. Unfinished Network Chair Angela Glover-Blackwell initially saw the need for it, so it was co-created and adopted by Network partners. It lays out our shared path – where we are heading, why we want to get there and how we will do it.

“Project Liberty is imagining the future of technology, culture, and governance to create a thriving multiracial democracy and just economy.”

The Bedrocks are mutable, and they can and should change to best reflect our evolving culture and environment. Feedback and input is encouraged, because we know the Bedrocks can continuously be improved.



// We are builders 

We deliver transformational solutions that serve the common good.

We employ our entrepreneurial mindsets to confront risks and act on opportunities.


// We see the long view 

We seek lasting value over short-term  gains.

We apply new wisdom to recover  from setbacks.


// We take the high road 

We show our moral integrity in  our goals and in our actions.

We serve our mission with  boldness, humility, and courage.


// We embrace the potential of our collective 

We listen actively and with compassion to ensure multiple  perspectives shape our work.

We take steps to cultivate belonging  and construct an inclusive community.


// We imagine new possibilities 

We embrace nuance and look for  answers beyond the obvious and  automatic.

We engage the power of open and honest questions to reveal new ideas.


// We unleash the power of a network of networks 

We work collaboratively to drive  the best solutions forward.

We adapt and evolve together  with flexibility and mutual support.