A first-of-its-kind event series with the social audio platform

Unfinished is delighted to team up with Clubhouse, the social audio platform, to bring vital conversations about the future of the web to attendees of Unfinished Live — and anyone at home with the free Clubhouse app — in a new, in-person format. Joining the festival in New York on September 23 and 24 are popular Clubhouse hosts Imani Ellis, Katie Longmyer, Ben Dietz, Jenny Stefanotti, Jason Steinhauer, and more. 

Nearly a dozen conversations will be hosted over two days in our dedicated Clubhouse lounge at The Shed. Anyone who wants to participate in person can step into a booth — and onto the virtual stage — to make their voice heard. And anyone who wants to join in from home can do so from the Clubhouse app. The Clubs are all in line with the event’s overall theme of imagining and building a decentralized future. 

To see what’s planned, visit live.unfinished.com. This is also where you’ll see the most up-to-date schedule for the Clubhouse lounge and other events at Unfinished Live. Here’s a brief preview of the conversations you can look forward to:

Thursday, 9/23 (all times ET)

12:00pm: Imani Ellis — The New Creator Economy
1:15pm: Denise Hamilton — Moving Beyond the Limits of Profit-Obsessed Tech
2:30pm: Culture Club — Crypto Invades our Closets: Fashion’s Coming Out in the Metaverse
3:45pm: Katie Longmyer — Cultural Capital: Redefining the Relationship Between Platforms and Creators

Friday, 9/24 (all times ET)

11:00am: Jason Steinhauer — Decentering the National Narrative
12:15pm: Maceo Paisley — EVRY1 Is Right & Other Symptoms of a Decentralized Reality
Also at 12:15pm: Sterling Proffer — Onramps for Artists Into web3
1:30pm: Emily Tavoulareas — How to Debug the Internet
2:45pm: Nicole Behnam w/ Cooper Turley — The Intersection of Culture and Crypto, DAOs and NFTs
4:00pm: Jenny Stefanotti — Down to Earth: Avoiding the Trap of Utopian Thinking