On December 9, Unfinished and the Digital Public Library of America host a live book talk with "Subprime Attention Crisis" author Tim Hwang

On Thursday, December 9, at 11 am ET, Unfinished will partner with the Digital Public Library of America for a live, virtual book club event. Author Tim Hwang will join us for an engaging conversation about his book Subprime Attention Crisis: Advertising and the Time Bomb at the Heart of the Internet, which investigates the Wild West that is the online programmatic ad industry. Hwang calls it the “beating heart of the internet”—one that’s increasingly vulnerable thanks to a set of structural failures that calls to mind the housing bubble of 2008.

How has the digital marketing economy shaped our experience of the internet today—from harmful surveillance practices to the hyperfragility of journalism and media—and how might we chart a better path forward? We’ll explore these urgent topics and more.

The conversation will be led by Unfinished Media Editor in Chief Damon Beres, with an introduction by DPLA Executive Director John Bracken. We invite audience members to participate in the conversation and share their thoughts and questions ahead of time. Follow our organizations on Twitter (@dpla and @byUnfinished) for updates, and sign up for the Unfinished newsletter for exclusive content related to this virtual book club event.

All are welcome to join via Zoom on December 9 at 11am EST / 10am CST / 8am PST. Please consider getting your copy of Subprime Attention Crisis from a local library or bookseller.

Register here.